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Managing Director


It takes a special someone to lead an energetic, passionate, and professional staff - and in 3 different clinics across Oklahoma! Meet our Managing Director, Renae. As there is no such thing as a “typical day” in any of our offices, she handles a variety of daily tasks and interacts within each department with supportive and professional approach. She plays a vital role in our practice managing the business aspects of Kennedy Eyecare, as well as the social aspect of helping over 25 team members across 3 cities feel like one big family! With her leadership qualities she sets a unique vibe within our team. In addition to her numerous responsibilities, she is passionate about volunteering and getting involved in our 3 local communities.

Our doctors and staff love her positive attitude and warm demeanor as she helps to create our Kennedy Eyecare Family!


Atoka Team


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Caylee, Patient Care Coordinator


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Morgan, Patient Care Coordinator

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Amber, Optician/Optical Technician

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Hanna, Optician/Optical Technician

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Mikayla, Optical Technician

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The Lowdown on Low Vision
April 10, 2024
Kennedy Eyecare
Recent Census Bureau data shows a population of approximately 71 million baby boomers (the generation born from 1946-1964). What does that have to do with low vision you may ask? Approximately 40 million people worldwide have some sort of blindness, and aging increases the incidence of macular degeneration and other vision impairment that qualifies them as “low vision” persons. Low vision is a condition of the eye in which the vision falls below 20/70 in the better seeing eye. It...

Lens Technology

Discover all the latest advancements in lens technology with our online video libray. From adaptave technology to uv filters, we have all your lens needs covered.


Welcome to the Kennedy Eyecare video learning center! Please call our office at 918-429-1400 if you have any questions about the conditions you see here.


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